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Home remedies for piles with healthy prevention:


Home remedies for piles with prevention:

home remedies for piles and treatment of piles at home

In this article, we are gonna tell about some home remedies for piles. Piles can

be caused due to constipation, diarrhea, or eating a lot of spices and condiments.

This piles home remedies gives best treatments for piles problems. piles cure in 3 days with these home remedies but based on which types of piles you have. If you want to piles treatment at home then you can try these remedies.

As piles treatment in Ayurveda:

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  We need to take 1 cut radish (mooli) and grind it to make it into a thick paste. After crushing the radish, we add it to another bowl, add a little bit of milk to that, make it into a thick paste and apply it to the affected area, for about 15 minutes, twice a day. This is best for the bleeding piles treatment.


 For this home remedy take a tablespoon of cumin powder (jeera powder), add a little bit of water to make a thick paste, mix it well and once it is made into a thick paste apply this to the affected area for 15 minutes twice a day.


 In this home remedy, take a piece of ginger, take a handful of mint leaves, mix that well, make it into a paste, after crushing it, you need to extract the juice, to that we add 2 tablespoon of lemon juice, and a teaspoon of honey, mix that well and have that twice daily.

These are the basic home remedies for piles which give the best result according to the condition of your piles.

How to do internal hemorrhoids treatment? In this article I will show you and give some tips on this and I give some tips on how to care about piles or how to treat piles according to the grade of piles.

After the home remedies for piles we need to understand prevention of piles.

How to prevent piles:

basic prevention of piles , cure pile in 3 days

  Preventing piles is very easy

  Prevention methods such as having a high fibre diet,

  Regular exercise etc. help  keep this condition at bay,

Some preventing measures are:

 1. Avoid Straining while passing stool :

Constant strain to pass stool causes a build up of pressure in  rectal Veins,The veins can swell,  thus forming internal hemorrhoids.

To Prevent this, a person should stick to a high fibre diet and drink plenty of fluids such that the bowel moments can take place easily and smoothly.

2. Avoid scratching:

In the primary stages of piles. a constant itching sensation is felt in the anus. Even if one does not have piles.

Constant scratching  in  and around the anus can cause the veins to swell up.This teaching will give a momentary relief. however, it will also aggravate the situation.

3. Avoid Sitting for too long :

Sitting in the same position for a long period of time causes the rectal veins to weaken.

This causes the veins To swell up  easily. thus causing hemorrhoids.Constant movement is required to prevent this condition for sitting in.

4. Stay cool :

Wearing a tight outfit for underwear builds up excess heat and moisture around the anal area which increase the risk of developing piles.

Wearing light and cool fabric clothing helps prevent this build of heat. hence, it is important to steer clear of tight-fitting clothes.

5. Avoid stress :

Even though not directly related, stress is a common factor for developing hemorrhoids. stress causes the digestive tract to Malfunction.

Thereby giving rise to conditions such as chronic constipation. Due to this the risk of forming piles is high.Hence maintaining a stress free lifestyle is another way to prevent it.


Diet tips for piles prevention:

foods for prevent piles , best foods for piles .

 Basically, the piles problem starts from constipation. all the  anorectal disease to 70 to 80% anorectal diseases they are born out of constipation.

 So first we have to see how to take care of the constipation on a daily basis keep a

 A very healthy diet so that first of all we will just focus on what has to be avoided Initially.

 So the piles patient or any patient who is having that anorectal disease any one of the inner rectal disease should definitely.

 1. Non-veg :

  Avoid non-veg items when on which we mean or your egg fish mutton chicken all these for non-veg items should be definitely avoided by the piles patient or anorectal problem patient.

 2. Spicy items:

  Secondly please avoid all your fried items, all your kebabs or spicy items.

 3. Potato items:

  Please avoid potato items. fried potato or boiled potato or potato no vegetable form because potato contains very less of fiber and more of starch so whenever we are taking more of potato items the fiber is very less than that so what happens there are more chances of constipation so it is always recommended for piles patient to avoid potato items in whichever way.

 4. Fried items:

  All the anorectal  disease patients should definitely avoid fried items by fried items you know whatever the junk food is available or your patties which package samosa all those items fried items should be definitely avoided because by consuming fried items again the constipation goes on a high rise so better to avoid fried items.

 5. White flour:

 Please avoid all white flour items that are refined floor items. Refine flour items means all maida items. all your bread buns biscuit all your maida paratha all you know pizzas burgers everything so that definitely you have to keep a check on that. please you know whatever homemade food is available please go for that instead of all these white flour items because it contains very less fiber again. it gives a high chance of constipation with constipation all these problems again follow.

 6. Hot-spicy foods:

  First, please avoid spicy food. spicy food I mean a lot of masalas and spices and oil please avoid that also this simple with a very minimum quantity of oil whichever food is made available at home please prepare that and have that.

 So 5 things you should avoid white flour, potato, non-veg items, and spicy items, and fried items.


What are piles or hemorrhoids?

  When the winds around the rectum get inflamed they cause the condition which is referred to as piles or hemorrhoids.

 Piles may develop because of pressure over the humeroradial vein.  The vein which is passes through the anal region. Whenever this vein gets pressed, stress, strain piles may develop.


Symptoms of piles:

 1. The symptoms of piles depend upon where it has occurred.

 2. If the internal rains get infected then a person does not feel much discomfort.

 3. If the external rains are infected the person experiences more pain.

 4. The lumps can be felt near the anal opening, itching and irritation around the anus.

 5. Positive blood in stool are common symptoms of piles.

 6. Bleeding

 7. Pain

 8. Itching

 9. Burning sensation


Causes of piles:

  •  Chronic constipation and diarrhea caused severe pressure on the veins around the anus This can lead to piles.
  •  Sometimes pregnant women develop this condition due to the weight of the fetus and increase in the blood flow, heavy weight lifting jobs and consumption of too many spices and condiments also cause this condition.
  •  If we see the simple causes in this are long sitting, long-standing, pregnancy again constipation. constipation is the main reason for piles.
  •  again with the same thing goes with pregnancy also at a time of pregnancy 9 months burden is there. because of fetal head, because of bulky uterus, hemorrhoidal vein pressed,
  • continuously pressed. at the time of pregnancy and after delivery also patients suffer from this piles.

  •  Constipation patient stress  gives strain at the time of defecation at The time of passing stool and the piles develop.


Types of piles:

types of piles with grade of it. home remedies for piles

 So now if we see the types of Piles.

1. Internal piles

2. External piles

3. Bleeding piles

4. Non-bleeding piles

5. Painful piles

6. Painless piles

but if piles are non-bleeding and if it's painless. Patients may take it as granted.  but it's more dangerous than painful or bleeding piles. 

again with the gradation also piles differentiate like

grade of piles and types of piles.

1. First grade

2. Second grade

3. Third grade

4. Fourth grade

Piles Treatment tips based on grade:

best treatment of piles and medication for piles

First and second-grade piles:

 In the first and second grade if you go for the treatment.

 First and second grade piles are easy to treat because it's go easily with the medicine treatment, hot sitz bath, ice cube fermentation then injection therapy again very simple treatment and can do in the OPD level.

Third and fourth grade piles:

 But if your piles develop and in progress you stay like third and fourth grade piles for great piles is also called at the prolapsed piles because it's prolapsed and coming out from the anal region.

 So it indicates it is a little bit dangerous because this may convert into carcinoma ,malignancy tumor, tuberculosis tumor and many other diseases. Which are very dangerous to us.

 So don't take it as granted for third and fourth-grade go for the doctor and consult it. and as soon as your third and fourth grade piles need surgery only.

 The surgery you go with: 

1. Stapler surgery

2. laser surgery

3. Claro treatment

4. ligation treatment

5. Inner dilatation treatment

  any surgery but it's a very right way to go for the surgery for product statement.


 How do you come to know that you are suffering from piles?

 because piles somehow are internal and mean  in internal also first and second grade. only patient saw piles when it comes out and in anal  there or some swelling region over periphery of the periphery of the anal then only patient come to know that he or she suffer from the piles. 

 so pain always pain is not there means the patient is suffering from piles. it means not he or she must have pain.

 as I earlier says piles may be painful or painless  but if you are not suffering any pain.

 if you are not feeling any pain means you don't say that it is easy to treat or it will go easily no it's not like that.

same thing differs with bleed also

 if bleeding is there, well you are going to and consult a doctor. but your bleeding is not there and you feel some pain is there. a burning sensation is there.

 so you have to take it as soon as possible.


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the wall the rectum and anus caused by too much pressure in the vein.

They can cause pain or bleeding.

The primary symptoms of hemorrhoids are lumps on the anus that may become painful or swollen.

 Bleeding from the anus or rectum, particularly when you pass stool.

Mucus in the rectum and itching.

The good news is ... most of these symptoms will go away on their own.

 Hemorrhoids can be caused by being overweight, pregnancy, lifting heavy objects, constipation or diarrhea for a long period of time, sitting on the toilet too long, pushing too hard while passing stool, and, sometimes, anal sex.


To treat the symptoms:

  •  You can use a stool softeners or laxatives,
  •  Take pain medication,
  • Apply numbing cream,
  • Or sit in a shallow tub of warm water for 10-15 minutes a few times a day.

Some removal methods include:

  • A shot that causes scarring in hemorrhoid,
  • Heat,
  • Electric current,
  • Lasers,
  • Tying the hemorrhoids with special rubber bands that cause it to fall off,
  • Or sometimes surgery.

To prevent hemorrhoids:

  • Make sure to eat fiber,
  • Drink fluids,
  • Exercise,
  •  Go to the toilet when you feel like you have to,
  • Or refrain from sitting on the toilet too long,
  • And keep your anus clean.


To treatment piles or hemorrhoids:

  • Apply given home remedies for piles.
  • Take oral medication for hemorrhoids.
  • Consult the doctor.


Give your comments below and your valuable feedback too.

FAQ for piles treatment:

Q.1 Which antibiotics best for hemorrhoids?

Ans: you can take doxycycline, cefepime, or maxipime and primaxin for this problem.

Q.2 Which oral medication best for hemorrhoids?

Ans: I have the best oral medication list as follow: 
       1. Diosmin600mg
       2. Daflon500mg
       3. Micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPPF) 500mg

Q.3 What should not be eaten in piles?

Ans: whatever you eat all these effects on your existing piles so you can avoid some food which is most affects to piles.
1. fried foods and fast foods
2. non-veg
3. spicy items 
4. dairy items and white bread
5. low fiber foods items.

Q.4 Banana is good for piles?

Ans: Banna is well healthy food. it is full of calcium, potassium, and high rich fiber. so in piles problem, you defiantly eat the banana which helps you indigestion system.



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