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Top 3 Best Automatic smart pet feeder in market.

Automatic cat and dog smart feeder with time programmable and other smart features.



1.PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder or Smart Feed Pet Feeder for Small Animals.

cat feeder
PETKIT automatic smart feeder

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About feeder:

Feed on your phone, your cat will not meow at 3 am anymore (2.4GHz WIFI, pls.).


Personalized Pet Feeding: Meals can be dispensed from 5g to 50g. Set meal plan, feed anytime.


DUO FRESH LOCK SYSTEM: Keep the food dry and fresh.


cat product

Weight Sensor: You’ll get notices when the food bucket in a low condition and an alert when empty.


Energy Backup: this PETKTI FEEDER will be operated with optional battery backup.


price: $89.99

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Huge storage, you can put so much food in there considering the unit’s size.


Has backup power (4 * AA battery), give peace of mind just in case of a power outage.


It Easy to take out the dirt parts and clean them. The food storage bin and the bowl can be taken out without any tools. (It’s very subtle that the bowl is magnetically attached, love this design)


Cheater proof. The top lid is mechanically locked, a human would need to push and lift at the same time to open it (you can barely do it with one hand), pets won’t be able to steal food. And the manual feed button can be disabled from the app so that even though your pets are smart enough to use the button, you can disable it.


The app is very intuitive to use, very flexible feeding schedule settings.


The unit is well built, sturdy material, smooth and glossy exterior. It has enough weight that your cat (9.7lbs) can't knock it down.


 The size is proper, didn’t have difficulties fitting it in your desired places.




Application updates: They modify a bunch of problems but they improve in slowly manner so you will get the late application updates in the feeder app.

Overall conclusion:

You love this product. If you want to go on a short trip and you needed a feeder for a little kitty then This is super easy to set up and track your cat meals with exact portions. Really good feeder for cats.


2. WOPET SmartFeeder, Automatic Pet Dog and Cat Feeder,6-Meal Auto Pet Feeder with Timer Programmable

dogs feeder
WOPET smart feeder

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About feeder:

Working as a pet sitter, be able to feed your pet from anywhere and at any time. remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly.Best auto pet feeder for dogs and cats.


HD Camera for Voice and Video Recording, work as a smart pet camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, play with your pet. Connect with your pet while you are away with the supported audio chat/recording. Sharing your favorite moment on social media directly.


animal feeder

Two Food Dispense Trays-The difference between small and large is the size of food dispense out, So you can replace it based on your need, each meal dispenses from 1-39 Portions, Each Portion is around 10-12g, Simply Pick Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals. 

Help control body weight and establish good eating habits which will allow them to live a long and healthy life with you.


OPERATING TIPS - Suitable for dry food only, with the food pellet size ranging from 0.2-0.6 inches in diameter; up to 6 meals a day. Download the WOPET iOS/Android app for free. Compatible with iOS 7.5 or Android 4.0 and above. 

IMPORTANT - Your home WiFi network needs to be a 2.4GHz frequency in order for the pet feeder to work.


price: $149.99

smart feeder for pets


1. Battery back up in case you lose power while away from home.


2. Set it and forget it.


3. Wifi control provides the ability to remotely adjust feeding or monitor your pet via camera.

4. Option to store pictures or videos from the pet feeder to your phone via wi-fi.


5. Easy to clean.





1. The camera should be angled down so you can see how much food is in the tray.


2. The feeding tray should be more angled so the food does not accumulate near the top. This is only an aesthetic impact.




I think this is an OUTSTANDING product. If you are not tech-savvy and do not use HIGH-QUALITY home networking equipment and mobile devices, this is probably not for YOU.


This machine is entirely dependent on the correct use and the function of your home network and your mobile device (while using the app) to PRECISELY function correctly.


 It would have been a nice touch if there was an OFFLINE mode for the app. where you can set up your schedule, voice recordings, etc. and the machine would STORE that information locally and perform unless the power went out. 


but it has a backup battery system so it would CONTINUE to follow an "offline" schedule. It would make it more appealing and user-friendly for those that are technologically challenged.


3. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder, Transnsparent Timed Cat feeder with Desiccant Bag for Dry Food.

best pet smart animal feeder
PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

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About feeder:

Upgraded Transparent Tank: Easily check the remaining cat dry food in this 6L / 25.3cup automatic cat feeder through the transparent tank and helps refill the food timely, while avoiding opening of the cover frequently. Also equipped with a desiccant bag to keep food fresh.


Dual Power Supply: Use the 5V DC adapter while sustaining the auto cat feeder power via 3 alkalines D-cell batteries(not included) installed in case of power outages, ensure that your pet gets food consistently. (Equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure)


animal feeders

Flexible Feeding Timer: No more pre-dawn wake-up calls, or worry when you are overtime at night! Easy to program PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder with a timer to dispense food at right time, 1-4 meals per day and up to 9 portions per meal customized healthy diet for your cat and dog.


Voice Recorder: Stay connected with your pet by calling PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder before meals with a 10s voice recording clip, thus enhancing the bond with your pet by keeping it fed regularly and feel safe & well cared for.


Easy to Use & Maintain: PETLIBRO Auto dog feeder inbuilt The LCD screen allows for quick setup and the FEED button for additional feedings; Proper angle so that food will not accumulate in the food outlet, and food tank and the tray is removable for cleaning.


It is a great product and has a simplified your life. your cat was overheating and we always had to measure and time his meal. This feeder has automated this job for you.

price: $64.99

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Menu and buttons are simple, setting up are easy. The guide coming with the product explains the process well enough.


The Voice recording feature helps you to train your cat to respond to your voice.



It does not have any lock mechanism and is just doesn't feel safe.


Screen and buttons are very hard to see and reach when the product is put on the floor because they are on the front side. An angled design would be better. This is not too bad because once it is set up, you will not need to look up the screen again.



Overall both products are great in their work so if you want to smart pet feeder then these products best for you and your pet baby.


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