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When you feel lonely what to do?

When you feel lonely what to do?

 What to do when you feel lonely or empty?

how to overcome loneliness
How to overcome loneliness?

YES..! loneliness is one of the most common feelings in humans. We know already how people connecting online to build their relations & networks but after that most people possess loneliness instead of happy relations.

So why people feel lonely and empty? 

The same things happen to me. When I was in college at that time I had many friends I mean a huge crowd of people around me but I always felt lonely at that time. I felt like I was nothing, I don’t exist in any relations. 

I always fear losing my friends and always try to hide my feelings so that I was never got serious relations or connections in college after that I had bad feelings for myself. I wanted to be alone and isolated. 

After this, I was always felt like “no one cares for me, everyone hates me, I had nothing, I’m so worthless.” 

So how I overcome that situation and what is the real meaning of loneliness?

I will tell everything in this article about loneliness or emptiness?

What is loneliness?

what is loneliness
loneliness is human feeling.

Loneliness is a subjective feeling of human which is related to other humans bonds that mean feel like people don’t understand you, people don’t connect with you, feel alone, people don’t care you. This is the loneliness or feel lonely.

Why you feel lonely or what are the reasons behind it?

reasons behind loneliness

There many reasons possibles behind your loneliness but I will tell the most common reasons.

1. Don’t know how to connect with peoples & make strong bonds.

don't know how to make bond

This is the most common thing in everyone’s life be socialize, to connect people, and to make deep relations. However, everyone is not good at that or somehow you don’t know much about how to make a good connection or how to communicate with other people.

So that this is the reason you feel lonely because you haven’t good people in your circle where you can share your low feelings that why you feel lonely. 

2. You are afraid to attach people.

afraid to attach

When you stop any person to enter in your life then you can’t share your feeling to anyone because as the result you haven’t good friends or relation to sharing your feeling and enough talk to feel better.

You stop them and they don’t like these types of reactions so that they always treat you like an outsider & you feel again lonely.

3. You going through massive surrounding change.

change massive

When you suddenly moving to another city and change your whole lifestyle and social places so as the result you don’t know how to make friends or how to make bonds with new people because of that you may be feeling lonely.

You may be happy for big changes but at a new place deep inside you feel alone because you have nothing like before.

4. You give more importance to others over yourself.

Deep inside you give more importance to bad people or to you don’t want to lose that person as the result those people use your emotions and blackmail you at that time you may be broke yourself & as the result, you feel lonely.

5.You lost yourself.

lost yourself

Everyone wants to good relationship and good friends but sometimes we try to push hard to maintain those relationships or bonds as the result we lost our identity as the result we act differently than before.

Maybe you go the wrong way and try to repair those bonds but in the end, you lost yourself and no one understands your feeling and you lose your mind about your life goals & you feel alone.

6. Misunderstand family or friends.


We all know everyone has a different ability & skills maybe your family or friends judge you on their ability & skills as the result they ignore you or give less importance to you because of that your mind goes on the wrong side.

And that feels likes an alone person in the whole community.

7.Worthless feeling.

Somehow you broke with your most important person or someone leaves you in that case you feel bad deep inside like” you are worthless & you are nothing more like a joke” because of that kind of feeling you broke your mind and goes into depression.

After depression you broke, you will of fire and you feel like you are worthless as the result again you feel lonely.


Depression is a common reason for loneliness. 


What are the signs of loneliness?

signs of lonely

Sometimes we don’t know about our loneliness and sometimes you feel lonely so that I will tell common signs which indicate you may be a lonely person or alone.

1. Disturbance in sleep


Disturbance in sleep is indicated loneliness whenever you try to sleep but you wake up suddenly and try to reach out to your close person for a talk so that you can feel better and no more alone.

2. Anxiety increases


Sometimes some people feel low and feel in danger as a result your mind goes out of positive thoughts and thinks about negative and increases your anxiety level. These types of negative thoughts are come out of loneliness.

3.Lock your self in-room or never want to leave the bed.

In loneliness, people act like they have nothing in the outside world so that they don’t go outside and lock themselves in the room.

4.You spend more time in the virtual world.

After felt like alone you need some good mind diversion thing so the virtual world is the best way to divert your lonely mind to another thing but it is the worse thing to spend your time in the virtual world so, in the end, you become alone that never changes for you.

5.Gaining weight 

If you are in trouble or in stress you will become a stress eater. It means you prefer more eat food to relief your stress so because of that you will gaining weight and stuck at home alone with your food. Your appetite will be changed for a while.

How to overcome your loneliness or what to do when you feel lonely?

overcome loneliness

I think you understand how loneliness feels and what are signs of it but how to control it right! there are common steps that are quite effective for overcome loneliness.

1. Accept your feelings / accept you are alone:


Whenever every people who press their feelings or force deep down their feeling they fall in deep inside depression and feel more alone so instead of you must accept your feeling and try to not press down it. 

If you want to tell someone then it is good for you. You must share feelings with others and share your burden on the heart to others and take out that alone type of feelings from your heart.

It is not bad to be alone.

2.Identify what type of connection you need in your life.

make connection

As we know every people need a heartwarming person who takes care of us. So that find your type of person and try to make a strong bond with that person so that you can stay happy with him and never feel about you are alone in this world.

3.Communicates with people around you.

Yeah, this is the best way to find your type of connection. Anyway, this is one of the time-consuming things but it really works somehow someday you will find your perfect partner and at that time you will feel you are not lonely anymore.

4.Focus on quality of friends.

make friends

If you have one or two best friends in your life then it’s wonderful because those people always take care of you And find that type of people to make a strong bond so focus on the quality of friends, not quantity so that you will never feel like you are alone because your friends and family who available for you.

5.Find similar people.

The similarity is the best way to understand each other in a better way. So that find people who similar to you who understand your feelings and share everything like you. However, is the best way to make bonds.

There are many ways to overcome loneliness

  • Try to understand 
  • Communicate with other
  • Make quality of friends not quantity 
  • Express yourself
  • Attach to everyone 
  • Never lose hope
  • Never depend on others be independent yourself.
  • Talk to people face to face not online.
  • Travel with your best friends.
  • Value yourself you are valuable more than anyone.
  • Open yourself to others.
  • Make yourself available to others. 

These are the ways to heal yourself make a better version of yours. 



ANS: According to research loneliness is one kind of feeling that affects your mind with loneliness due to this feeling people react as they are lonely and people don't understand each other perfectly and goes into depression. people who possess loneliness they never think about strong bond and fall into dark thoughts.


ANS: Yes, most of the time it goes the wrong way loneliness is a bad feeling of human. in this people's thinking power goes down and take wrong decisions so you can say loneliness is unhealthy for your mental health.

If you feel like you are alone and you have not many friends then try to find, open yourself, share your story, make available yourself for your friends, never go the wrong way, talk to everyone so that in the end you are not feel lonely.


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