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How to overcome video game addiction?

What is video game addiction & how to control it?

how to control video game addiction

In this article, I will tell you about my life experience and how I was controlling my addiction, and I will give some tips to overcome it. 


My short story on my real-life video game addiction.


When I was a kid, I really liked to play video games every day, every hour, I’m busy to improve my video game skills and build a virtual empire in those games.


In that virtual world, my confidence is higher than in the real world because in the real-world I had nothing to show up to my friends, my classmates, and others. So I decided to go virtual and create a good empire.  


But, in my real world, I was totally disconnected from friends, family, school too. Whenever I had some breaks or free time in school that whole time I used it to play video games.


game addiction

So totally I was stuck in the virtual world. It was absolutely a time wasted thing because I loosed my whole energy to build a virtual empire instead of the real empire, I wasn’t thinking about business strategy so that was my main mistake in my teenage life.


So let’s start our main goal of “how to overcome video game addiction?”


Which people affected most by video game addiction?

  1. People who have a lack of confidence.
  2. People who have depression.
  3. Most Teenagers.
  4. People who haven’t idea about their future.
  5. People who want to leave in virtual reality.


how much people addicted

How many cases available of video game addiction? 


In present research data given below:


Active gammers in the world: 3.1 billion


Teenagers worldwide: 20% affected gaming disorder.


In the USA: 66% affected by this.


Overall worldwide: up to 30% affected by gaming disorder.


This addiction goes around the world.

How to recognize you have an addiction or not?  

There are many signs that show you have an addiction to it but what are video game addiction warning signs?

is real video game addiction

  1. You want to leave in virtual reality every second.
  2. Your priority changes, you give more priority to your video game.
  3. Impact on your social relation likes family, friends,  community activity, & communication. These all were gone outside of your life.
  4.  Continue nature, you want to play video games in a continuous manner.
  5. You don’t want to go outside because your video game is more important to you.
  6. Spend more money on your virtual games or game simulators.


What is the official treatment for video game addiction?


There are fewer numbers of treatments available for this addiction because this gaming disorder is in the research stage that’s why there is less treatment available.

treatment of game addiction

  1. Gaming addiction treatment centers
  2. Psychology therapy
  3. Another therapy improves your thought process.


All right this is some basic information on gaming disorder so you have questions about me how I control my addiction? Right!

How to overcome addiction?

These are the basic steps to control your addiction.

steps to reduce addiction

  1. Fill your free time with works.
  2. Read fantastic books.
  3. Do exercises like cardio or yoga.
  4. Improve your communications with your family, friends, and others.
  5. Go outside with a ride to see beautiful nature.
  6. Don’t spend more time on social media.
  7. Do some social activities.


How I control my video game addiction?


how to treat addiction

In that teenage life, I had a girlfriend and I was really like her but she was broke my heart and I was going into depression. After this, I would decide to spend much time in a video game to make connections and find some true friends.


But instead of I was going into the dark side of gaming. I felt like I had everything in video games.


When I was realized that I stuck in the virtual game then I was decided to went outside and comeover this addiction.


You will never like my first step what was taken. My first step was to delete my entire profile in the virtual game and throw my whole gaming DVDs, CD, all simulators into the trash. 


And decided to do yoga exercise, do some good jobs, do some project works, and try to fill your free time with some works which you love to do but beneficial works.


One of my favorites is reading books. Try to become mature and understand what you want in your life or future. Try to make some good personality with good skills.


So that your confidence automatically increases with time.


This is all of it, this is my life experience and I’m trying to help people who suffer from this addiction because I know very well how this feels like.


It’s up to you what you want to do in your life to become a video gamer or be a confident person who has great skills. You can easily overcome your video game addiction with these simple steps.





Q1. Is video game addiction real?


Ans: Yes, video game addiction is real because recently in 2018 World health organization (WHO) include gaming disorders in the International classical disease-11 (ICD-11) so this is a real thing. many people say that this is nothing more than a joke but it’s the real thing. 


Q2. is any video game addiction test available?


Ans: No, for video game addiction only we have minimum diagnosis information available so that there is nothing specific to test this type of addiction so that they open some gaming addiction centers in many different places to control this.


Q3. is true now children addicted to it?


Ans: Yes, absolutely children affected by this addiction. In recent statics up to 9% of children affected by it. At present everyone has internet access so every child has their own I pad or computer to explore it. Somehow new children go into a virtual world and feel like they control the whole world and it feels likes they become cool or strong so that’s why children more attracted to it.


So this is it, all basic information on video game addiction I hope you understand how is it affect your life and breaks your connections to the real world. 



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