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Which diet is better and what are the high protein foods for fat loss?

Best high protein foods for fat loss: 

Protein makes up the building blocks of organs muscles, skin, hormones and pretty much everything that matters in your body for this reason you must to eat high quality protein at every meal.

A diet high in protein also lowers blood pressure fights diabetes and more the recommended daily intake for protein is 46 grams for ladies and 56 grams for men here may be a list of 10 delicious foods
that are high in protein.

Top 5 high protein source foods: 

1. Seafood: great protein source with low in fat.

2. Chicken breast: rich in protein and easily cook.

3. Milk: great source of high quality of protein.

4. Eggs: most healthiest and nutritious food on planet.

5. Lentils: it is type of legume and high in magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber.

So what about veterinarian protein food for fat loss yes i have also list for you. 

Top 10 vegetarian high protein source foods:

1. Cereals( wheat,jawar, rice): 1 chapati gives 3 gm protein per 30 gm.

2. Milk: cow milk gives 3.2 gm/100gm and buffalo milk gives 4.3gm/100gm.

3. Yogurt: gives 10gm/100gm.

4. Paneer : cow paneer gives 13.4gm/100gm and buffalo paneer gives 18.3gm/100gm.

5. Otas: gives 18gm/100gm.

6. Beans:gives 21gm/100gm.

7. Nuts: gives 22gm/100gm.

8. Almonds: gives 21gm/100gm.

9. Cheese: gives25gm/100gm.

10. Soyabeans: gives 36gm/100gm. 

According to recent situation i make one list which boost your immune system for fights against coronavirus.

Special coronavirus-Top 10 food to boost immunity:

1. Red bell paper : great source of vitamin B & C.

2. Papaya: rich in fiber and vitamin C.

3. Spinach(palak): source of potassium & vitamin B6 & B9.

4. Broccoli : great source of vitamin K.  

5. Almonds: great source of fats,fiber,protein.

6. Fruits: contains nutrients that boost health.

7. Green tea : loaded with antioxidants and nutrients.

8. Kiwi: source of vitamin C,K and E.

9. Garlic: reduce risk of heart disease.

10. Ginger: reduce inflammation, sore throat, joint pain, flu,cold. 

Best diet suggestion for fat loss :

In my opinion every diet is good and healthy but whatever you eat it's not much matter in your muscle building and weight loss so take care only this things mains,
  • How much take calories?
  • How much take protein ?
  • How much take fats?
  • How much take carbs?
This 4 things are main reasons for muscle gains and loss weight or gains weight.
so how much take these things in a day for gain muscle with loss weight.
  • Intake less calories compare to burning every day  so it's helps to loss body fat with healthy way. how much calories needs in a day for that, multiply your body weight (in lbs) with 13. example:170lbs X 13 =2200 Calories. according that you manage your daily bases calories meter.
  •  Protein is most important micro nutrient which helps to gain/building your body muscle. you must required high protein food in your daily diet. how much protein need in a day for that, on average 1gm /lbs.
  • For carbs and fats take low level of carbs and fats diet food it's best way to reduce your fat generation in body and you lose fat very easily.   
There are various diet available for lose weight and get healthy i have two diet information which is popular right now. these diet gives best results on gain protein and fat loss. 

What is keto diet ?

 I'm getting to aware about keto diet another very fashionable topic.this diet originally planned for children who had epilepsy even today. in a lot of excellent hospitals and clinics they are getting used adjunct to the medical therapy to assist these children who get very frequent epileptic fits to control their epilepsy and it's successful over there but all folks you know we are all living during this age where we want to reduce weight like tomorrow.


We convert anything that's there to undertake and make it kind of become a part of our weight loss regimen so keto diet today may be a very very fashionable diet for people that are looking to lose weight quickly and loss fat with high protein gain.

Does it work ?

Yes it does. I have seen tons of individuals lose tons of weight during a short period of time. 

Is it healthy?

 No, because keto diet the provides that it's supported is extremely very high in fat or almost 60% of the calories from fat. it does include some healthy fats like nuts and polyunsaturated fats which contain monounsaturated fats too.

But most of it that is advised on a keto diet is butter, coconut oil,vegetable oil, all of which are very very high in saturated fats. on one side you've got site of scientific evidence which is saying less than 7% of your such calories should come from saturated fats on the opposite side you of keto diet where it goes up to 60%.

Moderate amount of protein and almost no carbohydrates so all of your fruits, your vegetables, your grains and every one the nutrients and health that they carry along with them goes out of the window.

Should you follow it? 

well you recognize if you want to urge started on weight loss, you have tons of weight loss to try and you want to urge motivated. it's going to not be a bad idea but please roll in the hay under a supervision of a trained clinician and a clinical nutritionist so do it for short period of time but do remember that on the road you continue to got to come to a more healthy lifestyle so as to maintain the weight that you simply have lost.

What are you able to eat on a keto diet ?

  • Breakfast was contains either paneer or an omelette meant either an egg of the need with some vegetables.
  •  Lunch would be chicken or mushrooms for vegetarians with vegetables. 
  •  Dinner similarly would be a non-veg along side some vegetables cooked in butter.

What is paleo diet?

So paleo diet is that the next diet, and it's really supported foods that where it came from the paleolithic era, which was over two and a half million years ago.

 I mean, the opposite names are caveman diet, Stone Age diet, hunter-gatherer diet. So the hunter-gatherer on behalf of me , because not everyone knows exactly what cavemen were eating,

But if you think that about hunter-gatherer, they finds food near the river , in the jungle like, So it's lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

So it limits-- basically, the thought with paleo is that the foods that became super common when the farming industry emerged so your dairy products, legumes, and grains.

Sort of started this issue where the foods were consumed at such a quick pace that it really outpaced our body, that our bodies weren't able to adapt.

So that is that the reasoning behind obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

 Because really, in today's society and the majority of what people eat, we're eating such a lot prepackaged food that it is so much processed food and not necessarily just things that are coming from a farm.

So it's just, I guess, the thought is that with farming and the legumes and the grains and really refining grains, then you switch all of that stuff from farming into processed foods. So there's definite sense behind this.

So a number of the benefit claims for the paleo diet,

Lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and loss fat.

What you'll eat paleo diet ?

  •  Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats- especially grass fed or wild game.
  •  Fish- the omega 3 carboxylic acid fish, any healthy fish.
  • So oils is another thing, from fruits and nuts. So olive fruit, then vegetable oil would be great. Olives, walnuts, vegetable oil.

What Things to avoid ?

So this is often a very big list,

  • Lot of carbs and  the dairy stuff. 
  • Any kind of grains wheat, oats, and barley, legumes, beans, lentils, peas, peanuts;
  • Dairy products, so dairy products meaning milk, cheese, yogurt, all of that family.
  • Refined sugar-- obviously, cavemen weren't consuming sugar or salts for that matter. They might get a fish from a salt water body, during which case there was some natural sodium there in.
  • Potatoes is another one, and any kind of processed food.

 Nutritional concerns on the paleo diet 

  • There are elements of a healthy diet-It's rich in fruits, rich vegetables and nuts.
  • There are not any grains or legumes, so really-which are all excellent sources of vitamins, minerals,and fiber.
  • There's no dairy, which is a superb source of protein, but also the simplest natural food source for calcium.

Calcium is that the largest mineral within the body, and people that do not really consume dairy in the least have no chance of getting an adequate amount of calcium or anywhere near what they'll need during a day.

So the bottom line with paleo 

Is that it really may assist you lose and/or maintain weight.

There are some possible other beneficial health effects, but really, there  with this, no future clinical studies.

I hope you understand how to manage diets and which foods are best to consume for get high protein amount with maximum fat loos. for other information visit my health tab and gets best articles on health issue.

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